XBRL and XML regulatory reporting software.

Financial reporting software with XBRL capabilities.

Regulatory reporting software for CRD V (COREP/FINREP) and Solvency II.

XML Reporting Software (FATCA, CRS, SAF-T, Country-by-Country, MiFID II and many others).

XBRL and XML Regulatory reporting software.

REPORT Authority

Report Authority is an XBRL enabled report writer for combining numeric information with textual commentary into free-flowing financial reports such as financial statements, board reports and other regulatory reports.

Content can be linked to external data sources such as Microsoft Excel, OneStream, Oracle HFM and Essbase and reports can be exported into many different formats such as Word, PDF, XBRL or iXBRL.

DPM Authority

DPM Authority produces XBRL instance documents based on taxonomies built using the Data Point Model methodology pioneered by the European Banking Association (EBA) & European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).

Covers CRD V (COREP, FINREP etc.), Solvency II QRTs and other national reporting. Integrates with data in Microsoft Excel, relational databases, OneStream, Oracle HFM and Essbase.

XML Authority

XML Authority produces XML reports as needed for AIFMD, FATCA, CRS, Country by Country, SAF-T, AnaCredit, MiFID II and many others.

Schemas from the schema library (or user imported schemas) are displayed in a non-technical way and elements can be linked to external data sources such as Excel or relational databases.

A few of the customers that trust Authority software to simplify their Regulatory Reporting

The support has been fantastic and the developers are welcoming and responsive to feedback and suggestions. Highly recommended.

Richard Revill [Associate Director - Complyport Ltd]

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We at Authority Software are a bunch of accountants and IT specialists with a passion for designing and building software that makes the lives of our users a little easier.

We believe that compliance with new and more sophisticated data format requirements should not change common sense business practices and processes. With each new technical burden imposed by regulators and supervisors we sweat the details so that our users do not have to.

We respect our users’ time and investment in their existing systems and infrastructure. We endeavour to provide any missing technical capability with minimal disruption avoiding the need for wholesale system change or the purchase of many individual software solutions.

We continuously strive to improve the efficiency, usability and scope of our products, in order to provide our users with software that truly simplifies regulatory reporting.