XML Reporting Software (FATCA, CRS, SAF-T, Country-by-Country, MiFID II and many others).

Are you struggling to find software that:

  • Has the ability to convert Financial data into XML
  • Can be used for a variety of reports requiring XML format – not just a single purpose tool.
  • Integrates with data from sources such as Excel & Relational Databases.

XML Authority provides a universal XML reporting tool to cover all your XML reporting requirements.

Reporting Requirements Supported by XML Authority

  • FCA UK FCA Gabriel XML Reporting
  • FCA Product Sales Data XML Reporting


  • ECB AnaCredit
  • ECB Money Market Statistical Reporting (MMSR)


  • HMRC Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)
  • BCL Banque Centrale Du Luxembourg e-File XML Reporting
  • IRS FATCA Reporting
  • SEC Form PF XML Reporting
  • OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS)
  • OECD Country by Country Reporting (CbC)
  • OECD Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T)
  • OECD Mandatory Disclosure Regime (MDR/DAC6)


  • ESMA MiFID II / MiFIR XML Reporting
  • ESMA AIFMD Reporting
  • ESMA MMF Reporting
  • ESMA Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) Reporting

XML Authority can import any XML schema. Don’t see the framework you are looking for?
Let us know.


  • Seeing the software operate is an easy way to understand how it works.
  • We will answer your questions.
  • Assess how our solution will work for you.



1. Select your reporting framework

Choose a framework from our comprehensive Schema Library or import your own schema.

One Application For All Your XBRL Reporting Needs

2. Create your reporting template

Schemas are presented as easy to interpret forms and tables. Mandatory fields are highlighted and guidance is available throughout the schema.

You can modify the structure of the schema and remove non-mandatory fields to match the structure of your data and create a reporting template to be used across reporting periods.

Hide XML Schema Complexity with XML Authority's Schema Masking Functionality

3. Link Directly To Data In Excel or Relational Databases

Create Excel import templates or a set of related tables in a relational database to automate the population of data in XML Authority.

Automated Linking to Data in Excel

4. Validate to ensure acceptance of submission

XML Authority’s interactive validation messages direct you right to the cause of any data issues that could cause the rejection of a submission.



Create XML files for submission to regulators. XML Authority simplifies this process by providing a human-readable view of the data requirements as a set of annotated forms and tables.

Validate to ensure compliance with data requirements.  Easily validate and resolve issues using XML Authority’s interactive validation messages designed to take you right to the cause of any data quality issues.

Automate to save time and reduce errors by importing from XML Authority generated Microsoft Excel import templates or linking to relational databases.

Generate XML instances for submission to your supervisor’s submission gateway in order to fulfil your reporting obligations.

Do you have questions?

  • Is my regulator supported by the software?
  • Is my reporting framework included in the software?
  • Does the software integrate with my company’s existing systems?
  • What does XML & XBRL reporting software cost?

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System Integrations

  • Relational Databases
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