Regulatory reporting software for CRD IV (COREP/FINREP) and Solvency II.

It can be difficult to find software that:

  • Has the ability to convert Financial data into XBRL format.
  • Contains a library of taxonomies that covers both European and National Reporting Requirements.
  • Integrates data with many sources including Excel, HFM, Essbase, SQL & OneStream.
  • Guarantees acceptance of submissions using the same rules to be enforced at the regulator’s submission gateway.

DPM Authority provides a single tool to cover all DPM XBRL reporting requirements.

What Reporting Frameworks Does DPM Authority Currently Support?

Banking Sector

  • Bank of England Banking – XBRL Reporting
  • Single Resolution Board – XBRL Reporting
  • De Nederlandsche Bank XBRL Reporting

Insurance Sector

  • EIOPA Solvency II Pillar 3 QRT’s
  • Bank of England Insurance – XBRL Reporting
  • Solvency II Irish NST’s
  • RAN – Banque De France Reporting Assurance National (RAN)

DPM Authority can support any DPM XBRL Framework. Don’t see the framework you are looking for? Let us know.

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You can request a Demo of our software because:

  • Seeing it operate is the best way to understand how it works.
  • We can answer any questions for your specific requirements.
  • Together we can assess how our solution will work for you.

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How Does It Work?

1. Select your reporting framework.

Choose from our library of supported reporting frameworks presented by jurisdiction and regulator, for example:

  • EIOPA Solvency II QRTs
  • Single Resolution Board LDR
  • Other European and national reporting frameworks
Library of XBRL DPM Taxonomies

2. Select which templates to report.

DPM Authority presents all available templates in the reporting framework. Initialised templates are intuitively displayed containing automatic calculations and tagged as described by the XBRL taxonomy.

Interactive XBRL Validation Results

3. Link templates to data sources.

DPM Authority can generate and link to Excel versions of the templates. These workbooks can be used to automate reported data points using calculations and linking to external data sources.

To avoid the need to develop and maintain intermediate Excel workbooks, templates can be mapped using simple drag-and drop functionality to any of the following data sources:

  • Oracle HFM, Essbase & Planning
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • OneStream.

4. Validate to ensure acceptance of submission.

DPM Authority provides interactive validation results to quickly identify and resolve validation errors that may cause the rejection of a submission by the regulator. Our software uses the same validation mechanism as is used at the regulator’s submission gateway.

Oracle EPM (HFM and Essbase) Connectivity

5. Migrate workings to new versions of the reporting frameworks.

Reporting frameworks will change and to minimise disruption, DPM Authority provides tools to migrate workings in Excel Sheets or custom data mappings to new versions of reporting frameworks.

Generation of Excel Import Templates

See DPM Authority in action

DPM Authority Features

Generate XBRL tagged input sheets by selecting from the list of available templates included in the taxonomy. Generate and link to Excel versions of the sheets for easy population and automation.

Automate the report using a simple drag and drop interface. Link data points to data in Microsoft Excel, Oracle Hyperion HFM, Essbase and Relational Databases.

Validate and resolve data issues using DPM Authority’s interactive validation messages designed to take you right to the cause of any data quality issues.

Export your templates, QRTs or NSTs into XBRL format for submission to your supervisor’s submission gateway.

The only XBRL reporting software that can integrate with source data from:

  • Relational Databases
  • Oracle HFM
  • Oracle Essbase
  • OneStream
  • Excel

People want to know:

  • Is my regulator supported by the software?
  • Is my reporting framework included in the software?
  • Does the software integrate with my company’s existing systems?
  • What does XML & XBRL reporting software cost?

Feel free to ask us your question.

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