Banque Centrale Du Luxembourg e-File XML Reporting


Luxembourg’s Banque Centrale Du Luxembourg (BCL) accept regulatory submission in XML format through their e-file ( submission portal.

E-file is an electronic filing and communication platform in Luxembourg for the secure transmission of data, documents and regulatory reports between financial institutions and Luxembourg authorities. It allows both automatic and manual transmission of data and permits the transmission of formatted documents as well as data flows in XBRL or XML format.


E-file is used for electronic bank reporting required under Basel II, IRFS and MiFID as well as for other legal and statistical reporting to the Luxembourg Central Bank (BCL) and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

Monthly security by security reporting of financial companies schema in XML Authority


The BCL regulatory reporting covers the following areas:

  • Credit Institutions
  • Payment Institutions / Electronic Money Institutions
  • Investment Funds
  • Securitisation Vehicles
  • Financial Companies
  • Insurance Companies


XML Authority’s schema library contains all BCL E-FILE schemas:

  • Monetary and Financial Statistics (S 0.1 – S 3.2, TPTBB, TPTBH)
  • AnaCredit (Template 1 and Template 2)
  • Banking Group (SHSG)
  • Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BOP 1.1 & 1.2)
  • Payment Institutions / Electronic Money Institutions (V1.1 – V1.14)
  • Investment Funds (S 1.3, S 1.6 & S 2.13)
  • Securitisation Vehicles (S 2.14, S 2.15, TPTTBS)
  • Financial Companies (S 2.16, S 2.17, Security by Security Reporting by Financial Companies)
  • Insurance Companies (S 2.18-L, S 2.19-L, S 4.3-L, TPTASS)
Product Sales Data (PSD) Schemas in XML Authority's Schema Library
Product Sales Data (PSD) Schema Representation in XML Authority


XML Authority’s intuitive user interface makes producing valid e-File XML filings easy with little or no training.

The implementation guidance provided by the BCL can be difficult to interpret.  A detailed understanding of the data requirements can be gained at a glance with XML Authority’s simple presentation of the schema as a set of forms and tables.


Reports can be further simplified by eliminating non-relevant sections using the Schema Masking functionality.

Easly hide non-mandatory elements (individual reporting elements or entire report sections) which not only simplifies the schema layout but also reduces the complexity of your required import data.

Masking of AIFMD Schema
Integrate to Data in Excel or Relational Database


Save time and reduce errors by importing data from XML Authority generated Microsoft Excel import templates or linking to data in relational databases.

Create a set of related tables from which to read data which conform to the PSD XML Reporting schema using database scripts generated by XML Authority itself.


Be assured that your data is in compliance with the requirements of the schema through XML Authority’s validation functionality.

Get real-time feedback on the validity of data input and use the interactive Validations panel to help find and navigate to issues which would cause rejection on the Gabriel submission gateway.

AIFMD Reporting Validation