Need to submit a CESOP nil return?

XML Authority Essential is the answer.
CESOP Nil Return

Most CESOP reporting solutions require a wholesale system change to identify reportable payments and payees. For PSPs and e-money institutions who have less complex operations, most of these solutions are costly and unnecessary.

XML Authority offers a solution for PSPs that only require XML functionality. This software allows PSPs to report CESOP data in XML format without the need for a complete system overhaul. For PSPs that need to submit a CESOP nil return, there is a simple and cost-effective solution available:

XML Authority Essential Edition

For €700 per annum, submit a nil return in XML format using an intuitive interface with real-time validation and guidance on each element of the CESOP schema.

A single application to create any XML report.

Convert financial data to XML format using schemas presented as easily-understood sets of forms and tables.

Easily understand what you are required to report with highlighted mandatory fields, documentation tooltips and real-time validation of data inputs.

Create reusable reporting templates that match the data you wish to report by customising the structure of the schema and removing non-mandatory elements that are not relevant to your data.

Connect directly to data in Microsoft Excel or Relational Databases (SQL).

iXBRL enabled report writer for reporting:

  • Irish Revenue
  • Danish Business Authority
  • and many others

XBRL Reporting Software for reporting:

  • EIOPA Solvency II
  • Single Resolution Board
  • National Banking and Insurance
    XBRL Reporting

XML Reporting Software for reporting:

  • Country by Country Reporting
  • MiFID II
  • and many others