Relational Databases

The Authority Suite contains the ability to connect to data in relational databases.


DPM Authority.

DPM Authority contains the ability to import data into any template from any reporting framework (such as COREP, FINREP, Solvency II QRTs etc) all from a single table in a relational database (such as Microsoft SQL or MySQL etc).

Using this functionality, it will be possible to visualise, validate and convert to XBRL without having to produce Excel versions of the templates.


XML Authority contains the functionality to import data from a relational database (such as Microsoft SQL or MySQL etc) into a report based on any XML schema (*.XSD), such as AIFMD, SAF-T, MiFID II, FATCA, CRS, and many others.

Generation of SQL Scripts.

XML Authority can generate a SQL script which if run against a database, will create a set of related tables which directly correspond to the masked schema.  Once populated with data, XML Authority can import the data, validate and generate and XML instance document for submission to authorities.