Say Goodbye to Manual Reporting.


XML Authority Automates

The CRS deadline is approaching and it’s time to wrestle with CRS & FATCA reporting again. Time-consuming data entry, double-checking your reference IDs and repetitive manual processes that chip away at your sanity.

But what if there was a way to reclaim your time and transform CRS & FATCA reporting from a chore into a breeze?

We understand the challenges you face. That’s why we developed XML Authority to streamline the process and give you automated, effortless CRS & FATCA reporting.

We understand the pain of manual reporting. That’s why XML Authority is designed to tackle this head-on, with features that empower you to:
Generate Custom Templates in Minutes: make complex schemas make sense. XML Authority tailors templates to your specific needs (in a few clicks), removing non-mandatory fields and flattening the structure to make your report as simple as possible.
Effortlessly Import Your Data: Stop wasting time copying and pasting! XML Authority seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, allowing you to import data directly from Excel and SQL databases.
Leverage Last Year’s Reports: “Why am I doing this again?”. XML Authority can import data from your previous XML reports, making setup swift and ensuring a smooth transition from your previous reporting methods.

Imagine the possibilities, with XML Authority, you can:
Slash reporting time by up to 50%, freeing you to focus on higher-value tasks.
Eliminate errors with real-time validation and automatic Message Ref and Doc Ref ID generation.
Reduce stress and frustration, knowing your reports are accurate and compliant every time.
• Simplify your workflow and streamline the entire reporting process.

XML Authority is Developed by Experts, and trusted by Leaders.
We’re a team of XML reporting specialists who understand the challenges you face with CRS & FATCA. That’s why we developed XML Authority to be user-friendly and able to report CRS and FATCA in any country. Trusted by companies worldwide, XML Authority is your partner in achieving effortless compliance.


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Create XML files for submission to regulators. XML Authority simplifies this process by providing a human-readable view of the data requirements as a set of annotated forms and tables.

Validate to ensure compliance with data requirements.  Easily validate and resolve issues using XML Authority’s interactive validation messages designed to take you right to the cause of any data quality issues.

Automate to save time and reduce errors by importing from XML Authority generated Microsoft Excel import templates or linking to relational databases.

Generate XML instances for submission to your supervisor’s submission gateway in order to fulfil your reporting obligations.

iXBRL enabled report writer for reporting:

  • Irish Revenue
  • Danish Business Authority
  • and many others

XBRL Reporting Software for reporting:

  • EIOPA Solvency II
  • Single Resolution Board
  • National Banking and Insurance
    XBRL Reporting

XML Reporting Software for reporting:

  • Country by Country Reporting
  • MiFID II
  • and many others