Central bank of Ireland PRISM Impact Metrics Data return (‘PIMD’) and FINREP return(s)

The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) has recently published their Taxonomy 2.0 which introduces XBRL versions of the PRISM Impact Metrics Data return (‘PIMD’) and FINREP returns.

Investment firms and other fund service providers are now required to submit these returns in XBRL format from the 30 September 2021 reporting period.

With new and ever-changing reporting requirements firms need to invest in a solution that can cater for their growing compliance needs.

Our XBRL reporting solution, DPM Authority, is equipped with the new CBI taxonomy and able to import any XBRL taxonomy, providing a solution for your current and future reporting requirements.

The CBI are currently allowing testing of the CBI Taxonomy on the ONR test site. Contact us using the buttons below to arrange a demo and a trial of DPM Authority and perform a test submission of the new CBI Taxonomy.

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